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Meet Dr Séamus Kenneally

Inspired by the Sciences

I was always fascinated by science growing up, thriving in biology and human anatomy. With a passion for health sciences, I wanted a career in this area; I just wasn’t sure which one.

Witnessing Natural Healing

Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Chiropractor Dr Séamus Kenneally

Dr Séamus Kenneally

My first introduction to chiropractic was through my sister who had experienced an athletic injury causing her back pain. The treatment recommended at the time was painkillers and several weeks’ bed rest.

However, this course of action was neither working nor practical, as her final high school exams were just weeks away. A family friend recommended she visit a chiropractor. This was the first time we heard of chiropractic.

After a couple of treatments my sister was back at school and back training again. I was amazed at the way chiropractic worked and its philosophy. Natural healing from the inside out. This is what sparked my interest in chiropractic as a profession.

The Road to Being a Chiropractor

After high school I went on to study biology at university. However after two years I realised it wasn’t exactly what I had anticipated. With chiropractic always on my mind I decided to apply to the chiropractic college in England. I was delighted to be accepted onto the course and in 1995 I moved to the UK to begin training at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic , graduating in 2000.

Connecting with Patients

As a chiropractor I can fully empathise with patients in pain as I have suffered from disc pain and sciatica. I now stay symptom free through regular chiropractic adjustments. Many patients come to us as a last resort, “having tried everything else”; it’s very rewarding seeing them regain their health and live life on their terms. Particularly when they had nearly lost hope and give up on ever getting better.

Another aspect of work that I particularly enjoy is providing chiropractic care to expectant mums. Very often pregnant women are told that back pain and sciatica are a normal part of pregnancy and they should just put up with it. However chiropractic care is safe and effective in helping to ease the musculoskeletal aches and pains that can be associated with some pregnancies.

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