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Reviews for Dr Séamus Kenneally (Chiropractor)

Warm and Welcoming

quoteSeamus has such a warm and welcoming personality. I was nervous to go at first as I have heard horror stories about Chiropractic care but he instantly made me feel so at ease. He explained everything so well to me and put my mind to rest. I’m really looking forward to how I progress over the next few months of my sessions.

~Aoife O.

Expert on Holistic Approach

I was referred by a family member and was at my wits end with the pain in my lower back and pelvis. Previous experiences with other chiropractors made me feel that they didn’t care that much about the progress and future wellbeing. Séamus certainly from the beginning shows that he cares about whole body functions and wellbeing. From literally in tears at the start of my treatment plan, I have come a long way in so far as I’m not in constant high levels of pain. Séamus is an expert on a holistic approach to treatment and this has given me such great confidence that I will continue to improve under his care. The atmosphere in the clinic is very friendly and open. I would highly recommend Séamu to friends and colleagues without hesitation.

~Ruth C.

Back Pain and Sciatica

quote-rightI was experiencing back pain and sciatica for one year. It had gotten so bad I was now limping and unable to sit as that made the pain worse. This made my work extremely difficult as I’m supposed to sit at a desk all day. Life wasn’t good.

After my consultation/examination Séamus explained that the most likely diagnosis was a lumbar disc herniation (this was later confirmed on an MRI scan). After about 3 sessions I noticed a big improvement and I got better with each subsequent treatment. I’ve now had 12 treatments, I’m not limping anymore and I can sit in comfort again which has made a big difference at work. I hadn’t exercised for one year due to the pain. However, I’ve been running every day over the past two weeks now. Life is so much easier and everyone has really noticed the change in me.

Séamus and the clinic staff are very professional and caring. The treatment with the Impulse iQ was very easy and comfortable on the body. I feel much better today thanks to chiropractic. It is important to follow the recommended number of sessions. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

~ Igor

Neck and Shoulder Pain

I first heard about Chiropractic from a friend of mine who was treated successfully by Séamus. I had been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for about a year or two and decided to make an appointment to see what could be done. Previously I had tried physiotherapy and massage.

After a consultation with Séamus I started on a course of treatment and almost immediately I began to notice an improvement. Chiropractic treatment gives me a feeling of well being. I have also had my low back, knees and elbow treated whenever they needed attention.

My family tells me I don’t moan as much about aches and pains. I recommend chiropractic to anyone who has problems. My husband also attends for treatment. We both come once per month for our maintenance.

~ Anita

Low Back Pain

quoteI first heard about chiropractic and Séamus, from a neighbour of mine who had been to the clinic and found that chiropractic treatment really helped her. At the time I had low back pain, I couldn’t straighten up fully and was sometimes bent over to the left or right side, I looked like and felt like an old man.

I work as a roofer and had back pain on and off for many years. However it had gotten steadily worse over the 5-6 months previous to my appointment. I had never sought any help previously, I just put up with the pain, and like most men thought it would eventually go away on its own.

Séamus examined me and explained the problem and how he was going to treat it. I noticed an improvement within the first 2-3 sessions. My back started to get better with each subsequent visit. I’m now able to relax at the end of the day and play with my two sons and not have to worry about my back anymore. Work is also easier.

I like the friendly atmosphere of the clinic, it is quick and efficient. There is little or no waiting around. My kids are always made feel welcome whenever they are with me.

I found that chiropractic treatment works well for me. Séamus’ advice and treatment has helped maintain my spine in a healthier manner over the past 5 years, as I continue to do my stretches and come for my maintenance care every few months.

~ Tony

Neck Pain

I had been experiencing neck pain for one year. Elsewhere I had already tried a 6 week course of chiropractic and felt no better. However I was informed that the chiropractic treatment was with the Impulse iQ instrument and not the manual type of manipulation. I decided to book an appointment and had a consultation with Dr Séamus.

After my examination, Séamus explained what was wrong and recommended a course of treatment. I felt an immediate improvement after my very first session and I improved more with each subsequent visit. I was amazed at how quickly this change occurred as the problem had been there for quite a while and other treatment hadn’t worked. Previously I couldn’t sit at all in comfort, which meant driving; reading and anything else that involved sitting were very uncomfortable. Friends and family have commented that my posture has also improved, this is due to the treatment and also the simple exercises that Séamus gave me which I do every day.

Overall I’m very happy with Séamus and the results. The Impulse iQ is fantastic, providing quick and comfortable treatment. The clinic is welcoming and provides a friendly service. I even encouraged my brother who has back issues to come; he is now a patient of Dr Séamus too.

~ Patricia

Low Back Pain and Leg Pain

quote-rightI had low back pain and leg pain for a few years. A neighbour of mine, who had been to the clinic for treatment told me about Séamus and said I should try chiropractic.

I noticed an improvement straight away. Before I had treatment I suffered from headaches which have completely disappeared. I can now do the housework without worrying about my back. Previously housework caused lots of soreness and discomfort especially the hoovering. I am now back at the gym and walk regularly.

I like the friendly and caring atmosphere of the clinic, Séamus is always available to give advice and I never have trouble scheduling an appointment when I need one.

I always say Séamus gave me my life back which is why I have referred my sister and friends to the clinic.

~ Theresa

Shoulder Pain

My mother who attends the clinic for back pain recommended that I come see Séamus as I had been suffering from shoulder pain for about 4 months. The pain was causing difficulty at work; it was disturbing my sleep and my exercise routine. I had been trying to manage the pain by using heat packs; however it just stayed the same, never getting better.

I had my consultation and examination with Séamus and he recommended a course of treatment. I began to notice an improvement after 2-3 weeks. I am now finished with my initial care and am currently working toward maintenance care. I am sleeping more comfortably; I can sit for longer periods of time without any pain which is great as I have an office job. I have also noticed my posture has improved and my weekly sessions of kempo karate are easier to do. My friends and family have even noticed the improvements.

I really like the friendly staff, honest treatment and appreciate all the helpful advice I have been given so much so that I have referred some friends and family to the clinic.

~ Katherine

Back Pain and Jaw Pain

quoteI first heard about chiropractic from a friend of mine who had been successfully treated for a back problem. I myself had a lot of back problems, I felt that my posture was not correct and I also had a problem with my jaw.

When I came to the clinic, I had pain for a few weeks but realised after having my consultation that the problem had been present for a number of years. Séamus recommended a course of treatment and instantly I noticed a change, I actually felt better after each visit.

Since having care I am now able to exercise, walk with more ease. I am now more careful and attentive in the way I carry my body. Even my friends and family have noticed the changes. They say I look better and seem more relaxed.

I really like the friendly atmosphere in the clinic, you are treated as an individual and are made feel very relaxed from the moment you come in the door. I couldn’t recommend chiropractic enough, for me there was an instant improvement. I am now on maintenance care with which I hope to improve on the gains already made.

~ Geraldine

Neck and Shoulder Pain

I have been attending Séamus at the chiropractic clinic for neck and shoulder pain. I had been suffering for years. I first heard about chiropractic from a friend of mine who also attends Séamus and had gotten great results.

In the past I had tried massage and physical therapy for my neck pain, however I noticed an immediate improvement once I started my chiropractic care. There have also been unexpected benefits from my chiropractic treatment; I now have fewer headaches and less sinus pain. Looking after my three kids is now a lot easier too.

I love the very relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the clinic and my children are made feel very welcome whenever they are with me. I have even recommended my husband to the clinic as he had back problems also.

~ Karen

Back Pain

quote-rightI’ve had back trouble on and off for about 5 or 6 years. In the past I had tried physio, massage and osteopathy. Then I heard about Chiropractic from two friends who attend the clinic regularly. One day I was passing the door and I went in for some information. I was happy with what I heard and scheduled an appointment with Séamus.

After my consultation Séamus recommended a course of treatment. I began to notice an improvement after 3-4 visits. Since having chiropractic treatment I am able to do my abdominal exercises more easily, I have also noticed my stomach is not as bloated as it was and I enjoy walking more.

I really like the relaxing and friendly atmosphere of the clinic. I like the treatment method as its non intrusive and most of all it works for me, which is why I have recommended the clinic to my friends.

~ Carol

Osteoarthritis of the Spine

I had been having trouble with my back for many years. I have osteoarthritis of my spine. I was very stiff and had discomfort. This along with a hip and knee replacement in 2012/2013 made working impossible, life was not enjoyable. I really felt like I was 20 years older. I was getting worse and could hardly walk. When I did walk I couldn’t wait to sit down to rest, but then getting back up again was always very sore.

I had never tried chiropractic or any other types of treatment before as I was putting the symptoms down to my age. However I had a consultation/examination with Séamus and he told me that I had misalignments in my spine and pelvis and that these were causing my stiffness and discomfort. Everything about the treatment was explained to me and I decided to go with Séamus’ recommendation.

I felt improvement after my very first visit and I felt this was definitely for me. The treatment with the Impulse iQ is quick and comfortable which I like. I am so happy with the results, I’m walking farther and better. I’m more mobile; I can play with and enjoy my grandchildren now and I am not in pain anymore. I’m a very happy woman thanks to the work Séamus did on my back.

My friends and family are very interested in knowing more on how chiropractic helps as they have seen the improvement in me. They said I’m more motivated than ever. Now when I come for my appointments with Séamus I always joke that I could overtake Sonia O’Sullivan and leave her for dust.

~ Pauline